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Call us (07) 3816 3221

Call us (07) 3816 3221

Just as all other types of vehicles have scheduled check-ups and experts to diagnose potential problems and fix ones that have reared their ugly head, we are no different. But, our specialty is campers, RVs and caravans.

We are experienced in all aspects of repair and diagnosis. You should never go on a lengthy road trip without having the assurance that your portable home is safe to drive and guaranteed to get you where you want to go. After all, nothing kills a trip faster than the sound of a serious mechanical failure occurring while driving down the interstate followed by rolls of smoke…

Jayco Authorised Service Agent

Download our Jayco Service Sheet to find details about our 12 Months Service and Annual Brakes & Bearing Service

An Inspection Can Be the Difference Between Adventure and Disaster…

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Take a look at our Caravan Servicing

  • All brand Caravan servicing
  • Warranty repairs
  • All brand electrical repairs
  • Underbody repairs
  • Wheel bearing repairs/replacement
  • Jayco Authorised Service Agent

When you own a portable home, it is luxury that you can take with you. But, just as the outward appearance of something isn’t indicative of what’s happening on the inside, simply taking care of the interior of your caravan does nothing more than ensure that you will have a well decorated place to wait in when that breakdown inevitably happens. Care must be taken consistently if you want your trips to be memorable for all the right reasons.

We make sure your rig is perfectly ready for the next 10,000 kms of a smooth ride – saying goodbye to all those nasty surprises on the road.

The best part is that we service all types & models of caravans!

  • Caravan service
  • Motorhome service
  • 5th Wheeler service
  • Camp Trailer service
  • Slide-Ons service
  • Campervan service
  • Trailer service
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We even ensure the proper servicing of wheels, bearings, brakes, axles, suspension and coupling components. Your car is a perfect model of how to handle your portable home. Oil changes, routine check-ups, and diagnostic services are necessary to ensure the health and extended lifespan of your vehicle. Your caravan is no different. In fact, with the long trips and extra weight, it should be inspected regularly. We conduct a professional maintenance servicing on all moving components, exterior signal lights, 240V System – circuit breaker/RCD operation, Body – signs of damage or deterioration, LPG System – pressure tested for leaks, Fresh Water System – pressure tested for leaks, water tank mounting, gas struts , lighting system, appliance test, Canvas wear and much more!

We are the ones to do it for you. We inspect every inch and will let you know of any current problems or signs of something to come in the future. We know this type of vehicle and will make sure your trips are worry free!

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