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Caravan Electronic Stability Control

AL-KO ESC (Electronic Stability Control) is a sophisticated Electronic Brake Actuation system that automatically responds to the driving behaviour of the caravan by monitoring for any dangerous lateral movements and taking preventative action immediately by applying the electric brakes to maintain road position.

The biggest issue to remedy was keeping the caravan stable following an emergency manoeuvre – such as avoiding a vehicle or animal appearing suddenly on the road ahead.

As Australia’s leading RV component manufacturer AL-KO has developed the Electronic Stability Control system, or ESC, for Towed Vehicles, a system that will significantly improve towing safety in Australia.

Causes of Instability

Causes of Instability

  • Caravans can be subject to lateral movements due to a large number of factors including: 

  • Evasive manoeuvres to miss a car or animal that has suddenly appeared ahead.
  • High Winds & buffeting from other vehicles
  • Difficult Weather Conditions
  • Poorly loaded vehicles
  • High speed/ Steep descent

Benefits of AL-KO ESC

  • The most significant towing safety development for caravans to date
  • It will reduce accidents and save lives
  • It will grow the market by overcoming the fear of towing
  • It will grow the market by keeping older caravaners towing for longer
  • It is relatively inexpensive.